Bargaining Committee

President Amber Leonard
Clerical Noelle Wass
Custodial Paul Steel
Maintenance Tim Hamblin
Education Assistants Betty Lou Leslie
Transportation Michael Kaehn


District Health and Safety Committee

CUPE Co Chair Wanda Falle
Clerical Trudy Court
Custodial Wanda Falle
Education Assistants Candice Montgomery
Maintenance Wayne Olsten
Transportation Alex Kunert



Job Evaluation

Co Chair  Maggie Clark
Clerical Kimberly Ganzant
Maintenance  Keith Brooks
Custodial Kristin Cox
Transportation Kerry Zado
Education Assistant Maggie Clark



Pro D Committee

CUPE President Amber Leonard
CUPE Co Chair Sherri Bourne
Custodial Jo-Anne Kayser
Clerical Trudy Court
Education Assistants Cheryl Ring
Education Assistants Barbara Yates
Maintenance Ryan Dunn
Transportation  Phil Young



 Bylaw Committee – 2017-2019

Amber Leonard
Troy Kaspers
Maggie Clark
Wanda Falle
Tim Hamblin
Lisa Haug
*This committee meets as required to address any issues arising


Sick & Visiting

Chair Treasurer – Noelle Wass
Clerical Pam McLean
Custodial Matt Kreaker
Education Assistants   Liz Carolei
Maintenance Michelle Gaiger
Transportation Erin Neitsch